Artist Branding

What is Artist Branding?


Artist branding establishes key characteristics as a guide when launching a career, project or musical release. Branding mainly consists of discovering 'keywords' which range from - colors, fonts, objects, vibes, places, relationships and more. These elements are meant to consistently and clearly create impressioins on those who are experiencing one's music, website, social media, live performance, online presence etc... These branding impressions work on all levels of the human experience - mind, emotions, intuition and then get communicated through language. 


The name of the game in branding is clarity and consistency - it's also crucial that your brand excites you so much that it feeds your drive, passion and artistic fullfillments. 

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The Artist : Joel Nickel 


Basic Branding

6 hour consult (split up into 2-3 hour sessions) often which includes custom co-writing and production of a demo which reflects individual brand.   

 - $500

Advanced Branding

9 hours of consutling (split up into 3-3 hour sessions) which includes studio demo and live performance assessment. 

 - $700

Branding Document

Assembly of document which becomes a critial tool when hiring producers, photographers, web designers logo designers and other brand related contributors. 

 - $350


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