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About Steve

Known for his ability to deliver radio quality compositions and productions in a very short turn around time, Steve has recently landed placements on “What About Love” (film starring Andy Garcia, Sharon Stone), “Monica and the Medium” (theme song on ABC Family), Potager de Mon Grand Pere (5 songs on French Film by Mother and Son Productions), and Nia (International Dance Company).  In addition to film and TV placements, Steve has done production for a placement on Electronic Arts Video Game “The Simms” as well as production for numerous "Top-10" Hollywood shows on E! Network. With Steve’s experience writing on pitch for Film and Television, he has honed the








unique craft of being able to extract style and vibe in both his writing and production - a skill he also uses to help emerging artists craft their signature sound and professional artists to take things to next level.  In addition to his accolades in composition and production, Steve is an experienced performer and multi-instrumentalist who currently spends most of his time on the keyboard writing, programming, and producing a plethorah of styles from indie, to heavy metal, to opera!


"In all my collaborations,what is most important to me, is blending my own creative contribution while respecting an existing vision, talent or process. Whether I'm involved in a film production or music production project, all have their own past/present/future, natural tendancies/goals and talents. As I realize i'm jumping in the middle of proces, my job is to bring what is already in motion, to the next level, instead of swaying it off course in any way." ~ Steve 

Artist Development

Artist Development at When Sparks Fly Productions, is centered around finding and crafting an authentic artist sound and style unique to you.  It begins with a consult to get the big picture of your tastes, interests, goals, and visions.  Then together we craft a sound which we showcase through songwriting/production and mixing.  We leverage on my Artist Development Team wherever necessary to ensure that your art has our plan is air tight, and doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.  This team consists of: studio musicians, photographers, logo designers, web designers (although I recommend using a site like to create it yourself), mix engineers, mastering engineers, vocal coaches, vocal producers, grant writers, as well as people specializing in marketing and PR.  Whether we’re making music to hone your style, apply for grant funding, create promotional materials for gigs, put together assets for your social, or market yourself to Radio/TV/Film, our aim is to make something that packs a punch and can easily be attributed to your own style, which will inheriately become tagged/shared/talked about etc...


“It’s important to create music that each artist is passionate about - when trying to making waves in this crazy industry, we must learn to rely on our passions and authenticity to drive us ahead of the pack. If we're not feeling "it" then surely our audience won't either. Also, it's relatively easy to make music that’s a 6/10.  However, the only music that is getting noticed,placed and played is music that is 7/10 or higher.  But to get to the 8,9 and 10/10 stage- that’s a whole different story.  I’m interested in making music in this range."  ~ Steve 



Steve Rokosh

Calgary, Alberta

403 700 9727

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