Calgary Music Producer Steve Rokosh


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I have had the privilege of working with Steve this past year and it has been nothing less than inspiring. He brings a great deal of professionalism and creativity to every session. His laid back personality is infused with thought, refreshing ideas and an ease to encourage you to do the same. He creates an atmosphere that allows you to experiment without judgement and to reflect on what you create without fear. Don't let his soft spoken, chill demeanour fool you- he is a work horse with exceptional turn around time and making availability for you whenever needed. Not only do I  collaborate with him as  a sound producer and recording engineer, he is a crucial collaborative partner in my musical journey and has also become one of my most trusted friends.

Michelle Minke

I call Steve 'The Architect' because of his incredible ability to walk into a situation and see what needs to happen to take it to the next level. Be it an artist, a track or a brand, the man knows how to bring the best out of everything he comes into contact with. You'll want Steve in your corner if you're serious about realizing your potential. 

James Noble

Working with Steve (aka Robocop aka Papa Steve aka Stee-Diddy) has been great. He's not only helped us put together the definition of our brand but also helped us explore alternate songwriting approaches.He creates a comfortable atmosphere to work in, is full of good ideas, and is great at time management/ keeping our sessions moving. I'd recommend him to any artists looking to lock down their brand or who are looking to explore new songwriting concepts.

In Codes

Steve worked with my 15-year-old daughter for a week. She had never been in a recording studio before, yet Steve was respectful of her musical talent and worked with her as a peer, not as a child. He was encouraging, energetic and patient, all at the same time. He was genuinely excited to help her learn about the entire process of songwriting, recording vocal tracks, tuning, mixing, etc. Steve's musical abilities are amazing and we couldn't be happier with the experience and the tracks that we came home with!

Kinsey Farmer

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